What Does 3 Brothers ENT. Stand For?

Just getting our feet on the ground looking for new talent to Set the Game on FIRE! Already comprised of three solo artists, Dan F. Man, Laylow Brown, and Leroy B. Baggins, they come together to form the Super Group “R.M.C.” (Rim Rocka- Leroy “Bo” Baggins, Majic- Laylow Brown, Cool Shocka- Dan F. Man). With this we here at 3Brothers Ent. (3B Ent,) are looking to innovate the style of the convetional Hip-Hop/Rap artist and make them appealing to all social classes, races, and affiliations of people. Bascically we here at 3B Ent . are going to (in the infamous word of “Laylow Brown”) “Fuck The Game Even If We Gotta Rape It”.

Band website template


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